Location: Zarzis Port - Tunisia

Area: 4000 m2

Strategic position

Shipyard facilities

Our Shipyard is led by highly qualified personnel to satisfy all our customers' needs and to provide the maximum comfort for our personnel.

Support facilities provided for our shipyard include:

  • Administration
  • Workshops
  • Warehouse
  • Maintenance Facility
  • Restaurant
  • 3 Slipways
  • Storage Area


  • Preventive and corrective maintenance and repair of all types of ships (sailing boats, houseboats, lifeboats, trawlers, boats, skiffs and doris, pleasure and sport boats, yachts, tugs, Fishing boats, commercial ships, etc.)
  • Manufacture of fishing and commercial vessels with metallic hull
  • Maintenance: hull, equipement, deck and fittings
  • Mechanical maintenance work: replacement / overhaul of propulsion engines, their refrigeration circuit, replacement of generators; Replacement / overhaul of thrusters; Repair of propellers; ...
  • Electrical and instrumentation work: cheching of the electrical insulation and replacement of defective cables; Replacement of electrical cabinets, ...
  • Boiler works: replacement of deformed sheets and structure
  • Replacement of piping (Diesel, firefighting, hydraulic and drying systems)
  • Partial assembly of boat parts and accessories
  • Refitting work
  • This shipyard offers to the Agency of Ports and fishing facilities the possibility of drydocking the boats with a tonnage exceeding 120T
  • This shipyard also allows the drydocking of all types of ships or vessels with a tonnage up to 300 tons thanks to the installation and commissioning of the slipway system


Nasr Contractors has achieved the engineering, design and construction of a system for floating units drydocking using cradle- slipway technique which is considered a first in Tunisia and has been awarded consequently the related patent of invention from the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property

The drydocking system is composed of:

  • Ramp consisting of 3 rails placed on a compacted screed that has been prepared as a foundation (on a negative slope on the sea side)
  • Cradle: metallic structure on which the ferry is sitting
  • Pulling system consisting of steel cables, shackles, pulleys and winch