To satisfy its clients, NASR CONTRACTORS relies on a qualified staff composed of engineers , technicians, administrative, professional skilled and unskilled labours.

The company offers its staff members professional trainings sessions on a regular basis in order to keep them up to date on the latest in their corresponding fields of work and to provide clients with the best solutions.

Our employees' skills and capacities are assessed on a regular basis with the help of an evaluation program.

NASR CONTRACTORS Permanent team :

100 permanent direct manpower i.e. ; welders , pipe fitters , scaffolders , steel makers , mechanicals , electricians , instrument technicians , Riggers , lead foreman , etc …

6 administrative employees covering the functions of human resources responsible, contract manager, finance advisors, procurement responsible,…

15 engineers with experiences ranging from 5 to 15 years divided between : commercial and realization departments