Repair; renovation and upgrade of 4 ferry ships

Location Zarzis Port
Year 2016-2018
Client MEHAT
Project Description Repair ; renovation and upgrade of 4 ferry ships: Jektis; Aljazira ; Meninx and Ulysse. It is a multidisciplinary project covering mechanical ; electrical and instrumentation; hydraulic; and sandblasting and painting works including and not limited to :
• Ferry ships towing from Ajim to the construction site installed at Zarzis fishing port
• Standard xchange and replacement of propulsion Deutz Diesel engines including supply and installation of the local electrical panels , the remote control panels, safety shutdown panels and fuel flowmeters, engineering, fabrication and installation of Heat-insulated refrigeration circuits for the engines
• Supply and installation of new 30KVA diesel generators
• Checking of the electrical insulation of all the ships cables and replacement of defective ones
• Replacement of all 24 VDC and 380VAC electrical panels
• Replacement of deformed and corroded sheet plates, structures and piping (Diesel, firefighting, hydraulic and drying systems)
• Ferry ships drydocking and floating up using the '' slipway '' technique considered as the first in Tunisia
• Sandblasting and painting of the ferry ships (with a total area of 10000 m2)
• Engineering and complete upgrade of the wheelhouse
• Replacement of lighting, monitoring, communication and navigation equipment