New Heaters installation

Location Terminal station in Zarzis
Year 2013
Project Description Engineering; procurement; Installation & Hook up of two indirect fired heaters in Ezzaouia Terminal including complete tie in, hook up, installation, relevant supports, inspection; insulation; testing and commissioning of all gas, diesel, crude oil, compressed air and firewater circuits( Piping Diameter: ranging from 2’’ to 10’’; Sch: 40 & 80; Material: A106 Gr B; Total Welded Inchs: 2000”) The works includes other disciplines namely civil works ( concreteplateform construction ; structural and instrumentation works Electricity and instrumentation works include
• Engineering of electrical & control system
• Installation & commissioning of wire/wireless transmission from heaters to control room panel
• Installation of power cables & earthing system
• Installation of shutdown valves control panel
• Replacement of heaters existent burners by ATEX ones including relevant electrical & instruments installation
• Procurement installation and programming of programmable automation controller