Installation of API SKIMMER in Oued Zar Plant

Location Oued Zar
Year 2018
Client ENI Tunisia
Project Description Engineering Procurement and Installation of a new API separator in Oued Zar Plant. The new separator is composed of of a New API Separator in concrete; A New Control Cabinet with all its electrical and instrument devices; New oil & water pumps with their ADF local control panels and with all piping, instruments and cables Project disciplines include:
• Detailed engineering of the installation
• Civil & structural works: construction of separator basin, pumping unit
• Mechanical works : Mechanical equipment ( oil and water pumps, oil roll skimmer, skimmer pipe, oil collection trough and oil/sludge scraper) installation, Pipelines installation, NDT and testing , piping and valves installation,
• Electrical and instrumentation works: Electrical panel and monitoring system installation, Instruments installation and calibration, F&G detection system installation, electrical and instrumentation cables and earthing system installation
• Precommissioning, commissioning and start-up