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NASR CONTRACTORS is a multidiscipline Company operating in Oil & Gas sector, established in June 2006 by a team of experienced engineers.

’NASR Contractors provides to its clients EPC projects including engineering, procurement, project management, construction, manpower, commissioning and startup services

AddressIndustrial area of Madagascar, Okba ibn Nafaa Street, Sfax- Tunisia
Postal AddressPB. 590 – 3000 Sfax – Tunisia
Phone(+216) 74 497 261
Fax(+216) 74 497 768
Legal Status limited company “ S.A. ”
Capital2 000 000 TND
VAT code0635853S/A/M 000
Project management
Commissioning & start-up
Civil Works
Structural Steel
Pressure Vessels
Electricity & Instrumentation

Governmental approvals

NASR has been awarded from the Ministery of Equipment, Habitat and Territory Development the following approvals :

B0 as a General Contractor ( 4th Category)

B2 for the electricity activity ( unlimited Category)

B9 for the metallic structure activity ( unlimited category)

T3 for Roads : civil engineering installations activity ( 4th Category)

TCHM1 : for the water pipe laying activity ( unlimited Category)

TCHM2 : for the gas pipe laying activity ( unlimited Category)

TM4 for marine works (4th category)



To satisfy its clients, NASR CONTRACTORS relies on a qualified staff composed of engineers , technicians, administrative, professional skilled and unskilled labours.

The company offers its staff members professional trainings sessions on a regular basis in order to keep them up to date on the latest in their corresponding fields of work and to provide clients with the best solutions.

Our employees' skills and capacities are assessed on a regular basis with the help of an evaluation program.

NASR CONTRACTORS Permanent team :

100 permanent direct manpower i.e. ; welders , pipe fitters , scaffolders , steel makers , mechanicals , electricians , instrument technicians , Riggers , lead foreman , etc …

6 administrative employees covering the functions of human resources responsible, contract manager, finance advisors, procurement responsible,…

15 engineers with experiences ranging from 5 to 15 years divided between : commercial and realization departments


NASR’s Capital 2000000 TND, we own the following facilities :

Our headquarter based at Industrial area of Madagascar- Sfax with an area of 2500 m2

Our Office at Lac –Tunis

Our facility at Manzel Chaker road – Sfax with an area of 7500 m2

Our facility at Gabes road-Sfax with an area of 15000 m2

Our camp based at Anaguid concession-Tataouine with an area of 3500 m2

01Camp (40 Personnel capacity)U 2
02Mobile OfficesU 4
03Mobile WarehousesU 3
04Workshop Truck (4x4 Truck equipped with 80KVA Diesel Generator, two welding machines & Various Construction Tools)U 2
05Diesel Welding MachinesU 10
06Arc Welding MachinesU 30
07Semi-Automatic Welding MachinesU 3
08Argon Welding MachinesU 4
09Hydrotest Skid equipped with two filling pumps, Pressure Pumps & 24 m3 TanksU 2
104 Wheel pick-upU 7
11CATERPILLAR Forklift 7T U 1
12FAUN 50T Telescopic CraneU 1
13BackhoeU 2
14Hot Tapping Machine 3000 PSI up to 6’’U 1
15Sand Blasting EquipmentU 2
16Painting EquipmentBulk 2
17Atlas Capco compressorU 3
18Milling MachineU 1
19Pipe Bending Machine (Until 8’’ of Diameter)U 3
20Hydrotest Chart Recorder (5000 PSI)U 1
21ExcavatorU 2
22Automatic Concrete Mixer U 1
23GraderU 1
24LoaderU 1
25dump Truck 20m3U 3
26Telescopic Forklift U 1
27Pneumatic CompactorU 1
28Compactor CylinderU 1
29Water Truck U 1
30BulldozerU 1
31BobcatU 1
323T ForkliftU 1

NASR CONTRACTORS is certified ISO9001: version 2015; OHSAS18001: version 18001: version 2007 and ISO 14001: version 2015 respectively to Quality management; occupational Health and Safety management and environment management for "Procurement, Engineering, Realisation and Projects management".

Our QHSE policy to which we are very committed strengthens our relationships with our partners and clients, as evidenced by the terms of each project.

QHSE Objectives :

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

New markets conquerring

Our business quality and profitability

Prevention of personnel injury and health impairment

Environment protection


Location: Tataouin- ANAGUID Concession
Area: 3500 m2
Strategic position
Camp facilities

Our camp is led by an experienced campboss and highly qualified personnel to satisfy all our customers' needs and to provide the maximum comfort for our personnel.

Support facilities provided for our living camp include:

Dormitories with a capacity of 20 rooms




Janitorial Services

Maintenance Facility

Dining Areas : a restaurant with a capacity of 32 persons

40 m3 as fuel storage capacity

60 m3 water tank for water storage

2 power generators with respective powers 85 KVA and 110 KVA


Certified electrical installation in accordance with norms; standards and regulations:

Decree of 75-503 of July 28th 1975

NT 87/41/42/43/44/45/47/50

NT 88-90

NFC 15-100

Major HSE aspects

Meats provided with Meat Safety Certificate

Daily traking of freezers temperature

Housekeeping according to a clean up planning

Chemical Products provided with MSDS

FI FO rule applied in food consumption

Provision of gas oil by electric pump with ADF engine

Waste Management : enough number of dustbin with waste type mentioned.

Disposal of Hazardous waste in proper retention basins

Proper storage area for radioactive source storage

Enough number of extinguishers for fire fighting

Alarm and enough number of sign of emergency exits

Logistics and maintenance

50 T telescopic Crane

Food transporation in a freezer truck through un agreement with an accredited transporter

6*4 long bed truck

Two 4*4 workshop trucks for maintenance

7T Forklift


5 Pick ups

Location: Zarzis Port - Tunisia
Area: 4000 m2
Strategic position
Shipyard facilities

Our Shipyard is led by highly qualified personnel to satisfy all our customers' needs and to provide the maximum comfort for our personnel.

Support facilities provided for our shipyard include:




Maintenance Facility


3 Slipways

Storage Area

Provided services

Preventive and corrective maintenance and repair of all types of ships (sailing boats, houseboats, lifeboats, trawlers, boats, skiffs and doris, pleasure and sport boats, yachts, tugs, Fishing boats, commercial ships, etc.)

Manufacture of fishing and commercial vessels with metallic hull

Maintenance: hull, equipement, deck and fittings

Mechanical maintenance work: replacement / overhaul of propulsion engines, their refrigeration circuit, replacement of generators; Replacement / overhaul of thrusters; Repair of propellers; ...

Electrical and instrumentation work: cheching of the electrical insulation and replacement of defective cables; Replacement of electrical cabinets, ...

Boiler works: replacement of deformed sheets and structure

Replacement of piping (Diesel, firefighting, hydraulic and drying systems)

Partial assembly of boat parts and accessories

Refitting work

This shipyard offers to the Agency of Ports and fishing facilities the possibility of drydocking the boats with a tonnage exceeding 120T

This shipyard also allows the drydocking of all types of ships or vessels with a tonnage up to 300 tons thanks to the installation and commissioning of the slipway system

Slipway patent of invention

Nasr Contractors has achieved the engineering, design and construction of a system for floating units drydocking using cradle- slipway technique which is considered a first in Tunisia and has been awarded consequently the related patent of invention from the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property

The drydocking system is composed of:

Ramp consisting of 3 rails placed on a compacted screed that has been prepared as a foundation (on a negative slope on the sea side)

Cradle: metallic structure on which the ferry is sitting

Pulling system consisting of steel cables, shackles, pulleys and winch

The construction of this system has required:

Engineering studies, topographic surveys and civil engineering studies approved by Bureau Veritas

Test of the drydocking system by a third party

Approval of floating units drydockin Procedure by Bureau Veritas

Marine Department
Ferry Boat dock construction

NASR CONTRACTORS was awarded the construction the ferry boat dock construction in Ajim – Djerba for the account of the Ministry of Equipment, Habitat and Territory Management Works include:

Detailed engineering of the installation (new dock, new bridge; new gantry, new technical and control room, control system,..)

Geotechnical study

Topographic survey

Demolition works of the existing dock ( Ajim side)

Construction of the new dock including the construction of 6 piles with a diameter of 700mm and a length of 15m

Construction of two dolphins piles with 1000mm diameter and 15m length

Footbridges replacement ( Ajim and Djorf sides) including the replacement of existing lifting system by a new hydraulic one

Technical and control rooms construction

All relevant electrical and control works

Company Profile
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Facilities & Equipments
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